We are creating a culture of open innovation throughout our organization

Crowdsourcing, curated experiences and our community of innovators are changing the way we work

We enable a culture of innovation through our crowdsourcing platform, The Kitchen, our series of curated experiences, the Guerrilla Sessions and our growing innovation community inside and outside of Li & Fung.

Our goal is to empower our innovation community to express their full innovative self anytime and anywhere.

Great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere

We began in 2016 as an experiment. The result? The Kitchen now democratizes how we create and develop ideas by crowdsourcing solutions from 22,000 colleagues globally.

The Kitchen empowers anyone to innovate and pitch ideas. We believe that creating solutions should be open to everyone and that no problem is too big or too small for our crowd to tackle.

Say hello to our Kitchen lead, Margot, to crowdsource with us.

We believe in the power of community

We’re a diverse group of innovators across 250 locations, tapping into a global network of startups, corporates and other uncommon partners.

Collaboration is key. We’re huge fans of online collaboration tool Slack, and its ability to help spark conversations that lead to new ideas. By collaborating with our innovation ecosystem we get ideas made.

Say hello to our community lead, Carmen, to join our conversations.

We love bringing people together through meaningful conversations

The Guerrilla Sessions are a speakers series designed to bring the best minds together around big ideas relevant to our community. From fireside chats to field trips to live streaming, anything goes. Known affectionately as gsessions, the events are open to anyone who wants to be part of the conversation, connect with our community or are simply curious about innovation.

Got a story to tell or want to join a gsession? Say hello to our experience lead, Cherie, to find out how to get involved.

Check out our past speaker line up